Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm Ready For My Close Up Mr. Demille

The past few days have been full of drama. Some silly drama, some mean and spiteful. I am quite sad at the way things have ended.

When I was growing up I heard that all good things come to an end and no good deed goes unpunished. Well, that seems to be true. A few months back I found what I thought was a great place to exchange ideas, learn new things and display my finished projects. I got really helpful ideas and was inspired to try much more challenging work. Some were more helpful than others and for a while I was at a happy place. It gave me the confidence I had been lacking to show my work, start a blog and open an esty store (more on that some other time). But as the neighborhood started to get more and more popular the happy little village started to get corrupted with urban blight. I would come for a quick visit to see what's up and interesting and to my dismay, I would find that since my last visit, there were over 200 posts. Wow, overwhelming don't you think. Problem is that more and more of them were nothing to do with craft or art of any kind. Long and I sorry, but to me, boring stories about a bad day at the office, a headache or ache of some kind, bad traffic, you name it waaa, waaa, waaa. Okay, so I don't have to read them, but I do have to sift through them to find something of interest. Which takes care of the short visit, since my computer is not the fastest.

Now there are times when there is something serious going on in ones life and you want a little tea and sympathy, right. We all need it sometimes. Well let me tell you this is where the drama comes in big time. It seems that some people have chosen to use the goodness of strangers to run a con. I'm talking real drama, faking ones death, car accidents, brain tumors. So who knows what is true. So one brave sole decides to bite the bullet and out the drama queen(s). You'd think she would be a hero. I as glad to know the truth! Oh no, instead the what is now an urban metropolis starts to kill the messenger. As if that were not bad enough, they start to turn on each other. KGB starts to oust it's officers for speaking out of turn. Spies are going into peoples personal blogs and attacking their 1st amendment right to speak their mind. Talk about a brouhaha! I myself got wrapped in the drama and voiced my opinions on the situation and what happens -- I get deleted.

Well the whole thing has left me exhausted. Time for me to move out of the neighborhood. Find another nice little village to share and exchange ideas on things that bring me joy. I think I have found such a place, an adult community.

In the meantime, it's back to my own little life. Where my grand daughter is so very spoiled and quite adorable, my son is on the verge of flunking from engineering school and quickly depleting our retirement nest egg, my beautiful daughter thinks I should spend less time here and more time with them because it's always all about her. Ah, this drama I can live with.

All of the above is based on truth. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent and avoid more drama. Next week I will not read a single post. I will be tanning on the beach of Abaco in the Bahamas. Maybe I need to find a good book to read.


Kari said...

bahamas? Oooo lucky you!

Natalie said...

Enjoy! Have a drink on the beach for me, while you're at it!!