Tuesday, August 25, 2009


What can I say--I'm the Nana!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

End of Summer

Camp is over and we just got back from a week at Long Beach Island. I must say the house we got was a last minute thing and was a bit of a shack--but we had such a fabulous time. No family drama, great beach weather, fabulous food, what more could we want. :) Came home loving life. Had such a good time we did not take much pics. Now that I am back, I am glad that I don't have the stress of packing up 2 kids and being on a school bus at 8 am, but my pool pump is not working that well and in this heat wave I am running out of ideas on how to keep them entertained! Going to the mall tomorrow and try to do some back to school shopping. Let you know how that goes. I have been feeling the craft bug lately. While down the shore, my dh bought some dresses for bitty baby and I thought, I could do so much more for that kind of $. So now I am inspired to make some doll clothes. Any pattern suggestions?