Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Life, Love and Stuff

This is a pic of me and my family at one of the weddings I just attended.
I am in black (I love those red shoes!!!), my hubby is hiding behind me, my daughter is in the polka dots and she is carrying my future grand baby :) the beautiful girl in the merlot dress is my 2nd cousin. She is a model. Behind her is her fiance and next to him my son-in-law (he is squinting in the sun). The couples next to him are my cousins and their spouses. The little girls are their daughters and my second cousins. I love this picture. When I look at it I don't see that we are older or fatter. I remember growing up in a big family. My father had lots of brothers and sisters. I had lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. We were a very close and very diverse family. Some, like myself, are olive, some were blond, some had blue eyes, some a nice warm brown. But we were so close and loved each other very much. I remember family picnics and Christmas parties at somebodies house and every room was full of people. I remember getting in trouble and how we would promise no snitching, no matter what. I remember how much I love them all. Sadly, as we grew up and started families of our own, we did not get together as often. Some moved away. A few died too young. We are all involved leading very busy lives. It feels like we just get together for special occasions.
Life has been very full for the past few months. My niece got married, we went to Disney and my cousin got married. 2 people very close to me have lost a parent and one of my favorite aunts is very ill. And I have been organizing my home, trying to get rid of stuff because I have realized that I have way too stuff. I started thinking that maybe less stuff will give me more time. Less dusting, organizing, more space, all good right? My goal is to simplify my life. It is June and I am still working on Focus on the more important things in life like the people I love and maybe some time for myself (I can dream :D ). This has been harder than I thought, I love my stuff and I can't just throw everything out. So I have been donating, recycling, gifting. My washer died so laundry is out of control. Like I said life is full and I am a bit crazy.
I am feeling very grateful but I want I need some craft therapy. Some quiet time to go through my stash and patterns and hopefully start something fabulous for the new baby. Now that would be living.