Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Beautiful Day

I promised pictures, but in transferring data from one computer to another the program I used is gone forever. Dh loaded the one that came with the camera. Great! But I don't know how to use it :-( By the time I have time to play with it, he is fast asleep. So I will have to postpone show and tell until I can get him to sit with me.

I have really enjoyed being outdoors for the past two days. On Tuesday, it felt like early summer. I took my little pumpkin to the zoo and Van Saun and then to the playground they have there. I am so out of shape, that by the time we left, I was dead tired. My gd kept asking me to carry her, but I need someone to carry me. The park was packed and of course we had to park at the furthest parking spot. We got to the zoo at 1pm got home after 5pm. I got home so exhausted, I could not cook. Pizza never tasted so good! Had a glass of wine, watched American Idol, life felt good.

Wednesday, I woke up a little tired so I did not want to do as much walking. But I took pumpkin to a play group, then to the library (she loves it) we had lunch outdoors and then went home. Another good day.

I did manage to cook dinner! However, I just don't know how some people do it. Three years ago, I quit my job to stay at home with my gd and my dd could go back to work. I thought it would be great to be able to be home and work on things I never got a chance to. I thought I would be able to pursue some hobbies, maybe start an online business. Start projects on my home that I never got around to. Ha, I have never had so little time to myself. I only manage to crochet at night while the rest of my family sleeps. I have a difficult time keeping the house clean, doing the shopping, laundry, cooking. I am beginning to feel that I am inept. I used to manage all this with a full time job. Yesterday, my dd tells me they are trying to have another baby and she hopes to be pregnant by the summer. Of course, I am happy to be a nana again. But, OMG, how can I handle 2. I really think I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I am just old. I didn't feel old until I stopped working, what's up with that?

Ok, I really don't want to complain. I don't want to give myself some bad karma or allow myself not to enjoy what I have. I need to count my blessings and hope for the best.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Funk Over!

I have been a very bad blogger, I know. I just could could not get out of my funk. I tried, believe me. Don't know which was worse, the weather, all of us being sick from January thru March, my little pumpkin getting pnemonia (I think that's how it is spelled) or the fact that my computer was so slow I was better off writing a letter and mailing it to all of you!

BUT, guess what??? We have all finally gotten better, the weather is warmer, and I have a new computer. We finally broke down and forked over the cash for a new one. It was hard to hand over all that $$ knowing that in a few years it will be useless again. For now, I am loving the new toy.

I have managed to crochet a few things, but even that was a struggle. I felt as if I was burned out on crochet. Now that is really a funk. I will post some pictures of my fo's as soon as I figure out how. I am now working on two baby sweaters, two toddler ponchos that were commissioned by my sister (she said "don't be afraid to charge me!", so don't worry I won't) and a baby it's cold outside sweater as a gift for a new baby. Why is it that I love to make stuff as gifts, but when it's commissioned it seems like a chore. Do any of you feel that way? Of course, I waited until the last minute to start them and now I feel rushed.

This week, if the weather is in any way decent, I plan to be outdoors with my grand daughter most of the day. I promised her we would go see the animals at the zoo and go to her favorite park and she never forgets. Plus, I need to move that body! I must lose 5 pounds before the end of April because I am going on vacation to the Bahamas and I do not plan on getting new clothes. Everything I own is so very tight, I feel like a sausage. We'll see how that works for me.

Well thanks for visiting, pictures coming soon.