Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Long Time No Post

I have not completed any projects, but I have been working on a few. This is new for me. I am use to working on one project until it is completed, including weaving in the ends. However, this caused me to get bored with a project and take long breaks. I read on the forums that many crocheters do multiple projects at once and this keeps the interest going. In particular I liked the suggestion to work on a large, medium and small project. The small ones give you the feeling of accomplishment because those move quickly.

So far this is what I am working on:
  • a ripple afghan in navy and a dark grass green (my first ripple), about 20% complete
  • a celebrity flower wrap in a country blue, about 60% complete
  • a baby layette, hat and booties done
  • a baby blanket, still in the planning stage
  • a star blanket, yarn purchased

Sooo, why am I still bored?

It seems like I enjoy buying yarn, pattern books and reading patterns more than actually sitting down and working. Could it be spring fever? I actually spent the weekend cleaning my house (the entire weekend!) and doing my laundry. So I really have no excuse. Well there is always tomorrow.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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