Friday, August 31, 2007

Here She is...

My summer project. I have posted that she was done, but now that I have taken the pictures and posted them, I can really say done. It was a fun project but I really hate weaving in the ends. I still have a lot of yarn left so I am making a giant granny in the same colors. More ends to weave in! My gr d thinks it is her blanket but I want to keep this one for myself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Soon it will be Fall...

Although I love the Fall, to me it is the beginning of winter. I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I will miss going out every day, working in my garden, my flowers, the beach, the pool, the parks and sitting out on my deck.

But maybe I will get my crochet mojo back (I hope!). This summer I only worked on my ripple afghan. I love how it came out but it took me the whole summer and it is still not 100% done. I decided to add a picot edge and mama mia, what a pita that is. I have done 2 sides and have 2 more to go. Then I will be done!!!! I will post pics after it is complete.
In my garden, many of my tomatoes are still green and the squirrels are having a feast with them. I have to pick them as soon as they get a little pink before they take a bite. It is really pissing me off. Next year I will do my planting totally different. I planted too much in a small space and some of my plants are choking. And I need to fence off the squirrels somehow.
I have done some crafting!!! I finally completed a layout page for a scrapbook. I have been reading about it and buying supplies and tools here and there for the longest time. I was so intimidated to actually just make a page. Then one of the mothers at the park said to me just get some nice paper, glue the pictures on and put some stickers. For some reason that just made me feel I could do it. I looked through one of my books called Clean & Simple Scrapbooking by Cathy Zielske and I felt inspired to do a very simple page. It is no great work of art but it is my first page and it is the beginning of a new form of expression for me. I am happy with it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Fun

I have been very bad at blogging this summer. But that is a good thing. I have been having such a good time enjoying the weather, my grand daughter and family that I have been too exhausted to blog, crochet, craft or even cook. My house is not it's usual orderly self, the laundry is sometimes piled up, my bills are sometimes late, my fridge is sometimes low. I think my family is starting to realize what would happen if I quit. The funny thing is that it took my quitting my job to realize that I was a slave the chores. The world has not ended because we had takeout twice in one week and the laundry was not there when they wanted it! It is a pressure I put on myself and I feel foolish now. But I think I will make up for lost time from now on.

We just came back from a week at Long Beach Island. It was a fabulous family vacation. My mom, my sister and her husband, my nephew, my daughter and her husband, my little pumpkin, my son and my husband and I all shared a beautiful beachfront house. There were no fights or even any arguments. I think this is a family first. I took over 150 pictures before my digital's battery ran out. These are a just few. They speak for themselves.

So, the ah ha moment is -- enjoy life when you can. The chores will wait patiently. But life will pass you by.