Sunday, April 16, 2006

What I did on my spring vacation!

Got home in time for Easter and it is nice to be home but another week would have been perfect.

Abaco is the perfect place to unwind. It is a small island without any of the usual tourist commercial attractions. The ocean, a few local restaurants, and simple homes on the beach. There are a few million $ developments on the island. But I have no reason to go there :)

We arrived at the tiny airport and were greeted by island music. It immediately puts you in the tropical mood. We check into our little villa (just a bungalow) and immediately head out to 1 of the 2 food stores on the island. We walk since it is only about a mile away and it gives us a chance to take a look around and see what's going on and what has changed. Right away we see that Snappas one of our favorite hangouts has been rebuilt. Turns out the original was swept away in a hurricane 2 years ago. I am really glad they rebuilt it. Great place for a Kalik (local beer), grilled fish and a bag of chips. Nothing fancy; music and an ocean view are all you need. We buy a just few things like coffee and cereal since it is very expensive to food shop here. A 64 oz cranberry juice is almost $8 but a liter of Bacardi light is $9, so why drink juice! We carry our groceries back in our backpacks and get ready relax. Make ourselves a drink, get my book and vacation has started. The next day, Sunday, is the weekly pig roast at Nippers on Guana Key. I look forward to this all year. It is about a half hour ferry ride to an even smaller island. Golf carts greet the ferry and take you to Nippers, but it is less than a 5 min walk. You can hear the music as you approach and see people dancing and drinking and really having a good time. And eating, wow, roast pork, mac and cheese, potato salad, peas and rice (a local dish) bahamian bread and drinks made with many kinds of rum. Heaven. So after a few hours of this I need to leave or I will probably puke on the ferry. Back to our place for a nap, a shower and out again for dinner. There are a few restaurants within walking distance and that is usually what we prefer to do. Local food mostly, which is grouper, conch, catch of the day (tuna or dolphin) peas and rice, fried plantains, mac and cheese. If you don't eat fish there is usual some chicken or steak on the menu, but I love the local food. After dinner, we stumble home and sleep to the sounds of the ocean.

Except for the pig roast, every day is about the same. Beach, rum, fish and ocean and sleep like a baby. I read an entire book, and should have brought another one because I could not find one that I wanted to buy and really did not want to pay almost $15 for a $5 paperback. I know this may sound boring to some, but getting to read a book is a big deal for me. Before I know it it is time to go home. Although I miss my little pumpkin pie something awful, another week would just be perfect. But now back to reality. Pick up another wip and daydream about paradise.

I have not developed my photos yet, since I did not bring the digital. Hopefully, I will be doing that soon


Kelly said...

Wow, nice place to vacation! You sound like a real islander, even though you from the same place as me. NJ! I see you on DOD, say hi sometime. I'm in Wood-Ridge!

Kelly said...

Don't mind me, I can't type correctly! (though you from same place... duh) I didn't even put in the correct addy for my blog~ Now I did!

Jimbo said...

Great Goldie Hawn smile you got there!

Jimbo said...

oops... meant that comment for your photo with your hubby.

Loved the island story though and envy you. If you have details on the place and costs and such i'd appreciate the info. Karol would LOVE a place like that!
Might be a great place to whittle some hooks eh?