Sunday, June 03, 2007

Starting The Ripple

I have been lurking The No-End-In-Sight Ripple-Along for weeks. It has given me a whole new inspiration. I was on the verge of feeling burned out by crochet. Another shawl, shrug, scarf, sweater? I just wasn't feeling it. Then I found this Ripple-Along. Not sure how I got there but the creativity and use of color with such a simple classic pattern is just what I needed. Just looking as the beautiful creations that this group is working on, gave me just the boost I was looking for. In addition to the never ending display, I have also found a whole new set of blogger. They are so talented and creative that I feel renewed and excited about trying new things. I am starting my afghan tonight. This will be an ongoing project and I will also be working on small projects here.

I will also be starting to put together a scrapbook for my dh. I hope I find something to give me a push on this project. I have been dragging my a$$ on this one for a long time and father's day is coming. I hope to have something by then.


Deneen said...

Great colors!

I plan on starting two (now, I don't like ghan making much, but am feeling inspired lately) one using Caron Simply Soft and one using all the acrylic my brother picked up for me at that Farmer's Market (yes, I unloaded it, but still haven't looked through it, but there's lots of off white.

Did you pick which ripple pattern you plan to use?

Kare said...

Those are wonderful colors. That is going to look great!
(When I couldn't sleep last night I read your entire blog, I love it. I'm glad you found mine because now I have found yours!)
And about the sunburn thing, Yes, my kids gave me heck, too.)