Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life Goes On

A lot has happened since I last posted and unfortunately not all good. Out of respect for the privacy, I cannot share the details. But we suffered a loss on Easter Sunday. The cold dreary weather was perfect for us, because we were so sad. We are now healing and moving forward.

I still have not had time to upload pics of my fo's. One day I will figure it out and post them all (it's not that much really). For now I just want to share a few things that I am doing to keep my mind occuppied and my fingers busy.

I finished the two toddler ponchos and the two baby sweaters that were commissioned by my sister's co-workers. I am so glad to be done with them! Nothing stresses me out than working on something that I have to charge for. I never think it is going to be good enough. Of course, they loved them. So much so, that in addition to paying me, they gave me a gift certificate to Lord & Taylor. I thought that was really nice of them. I never got to take pics, so I asked for the moms to send me some of the babies wearing them. Hopefully, I will be able to post them soon.

I was feeling a little burned out from churning out one project after another. So I thought I would take a little break. As soon as I decided that, I start finding things I want to make. I am making this cute little doll outfit that for my little pumpkin's doll. I am really enjoying making it and now I want to make a whole doll layette with all my scrap yarn.

While watching "All About My Mother" with Penelope Cruz (which I highly recommend), I fell in love with a shawl she was wearing while sick. It seemed soft and warm and very comforting. I spent many hours trying to find a pattern similar to it and the closest I could come was this one from Moda Dea. The bottom of hers was like this, but the top was more solid. Almost like a blanket. As I was making this one, I really started to like it. I did not use the yarn suggested, I used this in Deep Rose. It is fun to make and goes really fast. I can't wait to wear it and will probably make another one if I can find the right yarn. It should be very bulky and very soft (sounds expensive!).

I have been restless lately and when that happens I tend to shop. My latest obsession is scrapbooking. So far I have not made any pages, just bought supplies! I really want to do this but I am a little intimidated. But I am getting there.

Then while reading the 'ville I found this free baby blanket pattern, which I love, love, love. I have to make it and put it away for a future lucky baby.

Now this blanket led me to this blog. And then I saw this ripple blanket and it was love at first site. I love the simplicity of it and the beautiful use of colors. So now I have to try and make one for myself, with my own choice of colors. I want something that will go with the colors in my house which are more earthtones.

I also bought and EdgeryDoo because I want to make some fleece blankets with crochet edges.

So now it looks like I have my projects lined up for a while. Time heals and life goes on. Thank you for visiting :)


catchaglow said...

How nice that you got a gift certificate to Lord & Taylor - I love that store! What do you think of it?

StitchLuva and Yarn said...

i love it too! i can always find a good deal there

Lucy said...

I'm sorry for your loss....stay strong.

catchaglow said...

Yeah, I love their deals, too. Even the full-price stuff is nice because you know you are buying quality things.