Friday, August 18, 2006


I have not been posting much lately because I have been enjoying this beautiful weather we have been having. Today I spent the day at
Darlington Park with my little pumpkin. We got there at 10 am, had a picnic, swam, played ball and got home at 5 pm. She feel asleep on the way home and probably won't wake up until tomorrow! All that fun in the sun wiped her out. I am pretty tired myself so it will be pizza for dinner tonight.

Speaking of food! My one of my daughter's best friends is a real foodie. She has started a cooking web site. She creates healthy, easy recipes and then demonstrates the entire process. She has done a great job with it. I have known this girl since she went to school with my daughter and used to show up at my house in her pj's. I am so proud of her. If you enjoy quick tasty recipes, that are also wholesome, check it out. You will like it.

Enjoy your weekend. I hope you all have the same great weather I have here.

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Carol Thomas said...

I really like your blog, you have done a great job!!