Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Love you sweet pea

I finished another sweet pea shawl and I am just loving how it came out. I used Bernat baby boucle' and an I hook. I really like this shawl with the thicker yarn. It feels soft and cuddly. The colors don't show up that well in the pics but it is a mix of dusty pink, blue and just a hint of light green. I was going to fringe it, but there is enough going on with the texture of the yarn and the colors. I am going to call this done. It feels great when I put it on.

I have some lustersheen yarn I just got from Joann's which I was going to use to make another sweet pea as a swimsuit coverup, but I am so happy with this one I don't think I want to make another one. I will start looking for shawl with a smaller pattern.

Pictures are not great, but I hope you can get the general idea.


Deneen said...

That came out terrific-I really had trouble with my yarn choice for this. Maybe boucle is the answer.

Kelly said...

I like it alot, if I ever get around to finishing mine I'll try the boucle next.

Amie said...

Yay! Nice job!

I'll get you into the ring ASAP.