Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Birthday

My brother, my daughter and I are all Aquarian. His birthday is the Feb 1st and mine is the 4th. My daughter was born Jan 27th. And so my family always celebrates them together, which is fine with me. My mom, who is almost 80, has always insisted on making us a big dinner. I guess this is one of our family traditions. Well Sunday was the big day. When my father was alive and they had the big house, it was really a party. He loved to have the family over and we would eat too much, drink too much, played the music too loud, danced and got totally silly. That was the so much fun (I miss you Daddy). Now my mom lives in a senior apartment which is really small and we still eat too much, drink too much, talk really loud, no dancing but still get silly. Although I always complain, weeks before, saying I no longer need the birthday dinner, today I feel all warm and fuzzy about the whole thing.

When I got home last night, I was all worked up and could not sleep. I wanted to watch TV and crochet a little but had no works in progress. I fished out a small ball of grey yarn that has some glitter in it and decided to make a scarf. It looked very festive which fit the mood. It is just a simple dc pattern, but I must have frogged it a dozen times (think it was the booze!!). Today, I declared it to be a day of lounging, laundry and crochet because the simple pleasures are the best and finished it. SO, this is my silver celebration scarf. Nothing fancy, just simple pleasures are the best. Thanks for visiting.

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BarbaraJean said...

I like it! Very classy!