Saturday, January 05, 2008

How's Your Year So Far?

I made a mini scrapbook as a stocking stuffer for my dh with our favorite pics of the little pumpkin and now everyone wants one. This is the one I made for my sister. It is a fun little project. Taking out my supplies and tools and then putting them away takes more time than the actual scrapbook!
Stayed home all week. I am trying to work on my goals for 08. I would like to simplify and declutter my life, home and my mind. I also want to focus more on the people in my life and not on the things. I started off by donating tons of clothes (8 black garbage bags full) that I loved but do not have much use for since I no longer work in an office.
I have been crocheting hats. It gives me instant gratification because I can finish it in one sitting while watching tv and use up some stash. No pictures because I have been giving them away as quickly as I make them. Hopefully I will get a couple of pics during the week end.
Have a great weekend. I will be taking down the tree and putting away all the christmas stuff. It looks so festive when it first goes up, but now it just looks like crap!

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Kare said...

The scrapbooks are very pretty. I can see how everyone wants one now.
Isn't it amazing how much "stuff" we end up with over time? I should follow your lead.