Thursday, September 27, 2007

Home Again

I had a great time at Vegas. I do not gamble much which is strange to some people. They always want to know why I go there if not to gamble. I love the shops, restaurants, the hotels, shows and I don't mind dropping a few $ in the casino. However, I cannot sit and bet big $. I start to think of all the things I could buy with this $, like shoes, jewelry, gifts for my little pumpkin and then I can't enjoy it.
We went on the new skywalk in the Grand Canyon, which was an awesome experience. I really enjoyed it but was also sad to see the commercialization of such a beautiful natural wonder of the world. There is lots of construction going on and they told us they are building an airport, a hotel and a casino right on the canyon. We also went to Hoover Dam and Red Rock.
Now that it is officially fall, I am a little disoriented. I am home more and can't stand that my house is disorganized. I need to get back into the swing of things. I want to start crocheting again and getting my crafting organized. In general I need to come up with a routine so I don't bounce between guilty and overwhelmed. Before I know it the holiday crunch will start. That is a scary thought!


Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

I guess you have to know someone that feels the same way about gambling. I think you I could never see gambling money that could be used for other things that are needed. I mean why gamble the money away that you want to use for something else? My husband doesn't get this. He likes gambling better than spending, which I find the same. So your not the only one.

Your pictures are great. Your adorable, and of course you've heard this one: You don't look like a Grandma! :)

Glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

cd&m said...

I spent my 15th birthday in Las Vegas, too young to gamble thank goodness.