Monday, May 07, 2007

No Place Like Home

We are home and we had a great time. We spent 7 days on the beach doing nothing. I am almost done with a book I started on the plane. We took a walk every morning,ate nothing but fresh fish and vegtables, drank rum and that's about it. On Thursday, I told my dh, "Why don't we do something today?" and he replied, "why, do we have to?" Well, of course we don't have to! So, nothing but beach, no shopping, no sight seeing, no crochet, no internet, very little tv and no phone! Very relaxing. I wish I had tons of pics to share, but on my first day, after taking tons of pics, I noticed an error message on my camera. NO MEMORY CARD!!!! Oh well.
We spent a few days visiting my sil in Orlando, FL before we came home. It was very nice, since we don't get to see her very often. Then back home. Can't wait to sleep on my own bed, with my own pillows. But when I wake up, where's the beach!!!

But there's no place like home!!!


Will Blog for Yarn said...

Welcome back!

Kelly said...

Welcome home, sounds like you had a great relaxing vacation. That's what your supposed to do silly, just relax. When you want to do the shopping vacation you have to take a friend along (woman). :)

Hey I had a turkey in my yard last year!

Lucy said...

The pic of the beach in the last post is FABULOUS...I miss the beach!!! Welcome back!