Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tis the Season

So how is everyone enjoying the holiday season? Have you lost your mind yet? I am a woman on the verge. I mentioned a while ago that I was doing work on the house for the holidays. Well just as I feared, I have all my furniture piled all over the place. My floors are covered with paper to protect the hardwood floors I just had done (which came out fab, contractor was great). My entry foyer is full of paint cans and tools. It sounds very festive don't you think. AND I have a crazy little 2 1/2 year old running around. Can't stand the mess, can't find anything and I am trying to shop, send gifts, etc. Because I have a problem with saying no, I also do my mom's shopping (she has problems walking) and some of my daughters (she works long hours). So, I bundle up my little grand daughter and go to the mall to do some shopping. Not a good idea! The place was a mad house and my grand daughter makes shopping a nightmare. Well while I was trying to keep one eye on her and one eye on what I was doing, someone put one hand in my bag and stole my wallet. My whole life was in it and I get upset everytime I think about it. I reported it to security and I might as well just spoken to the nearest wall. They were so not helpful or sympathetic that I got so angry I wanted to cry. So I grab the little one, go to my car and then realized that I have valet parked and the ticket was in the wallet. I had no ticket, no id, no cash to pay for the valet. They gave me a hassel, but finally let me have my car. I reported the cards and no one tried to use them. They just took the cash and probably dumped the wallet somewhere. So, I am doing the rest of my shopping on line.

As for crochet, I made tons of stuff that I was going to post in my Etsy shop, but I cannot find the time (or a clean spot) to photograph them. I may give some away as gifts and just stash the rest for now.
I am trying very hard to not let myself get too bummed out. Trying to keep in mind the true spirit of Christmas is not about the gifts, and focus on the positive. My daughter bought a house on the same block as mine. Just 4 houses away. , which is a good thing (I think)! She moved in on Dec. 1st, so she is in a similar situation house-wise. But just when I think I am going to lose it, my sweet little pumpking will give me a hug and a big kiss and tell me she loves me and I feel on top of the world.
I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and not getting too crazy.


gfigure said...

Definately, TIS THE SEASON!!!

Deneen said...

It'll all iron itself out and the mess and chaos will be behind you soon.

Wendy said...

Thank goodness no one used the cards. My husband once had his visa/debit card stolen and they did havoc to our checking account. We had to cover $50 and then had to deal with the aftermath of having check bounce because the account was closed.

I hopw that you get a chance to relax and enjoy the holidays.

vicki said...

i am so sorry you had that happen to you. some people have no respect. while it happened mall security certainly should have been more helpful and i think if it were me, i would contact the owners of the mall, not sure who they are as all malls are different but i know here its simons mall for the tacoma mall and i would tell thm just exactly how rude and unhelpful they(security) was. i mean if it were me i would not shop there again if that was the case of the security being idiots. shame on them. i am so sorry you had to deal with this. thankfully no one tried to use the cards. i know how that feels being as i had my identity stolen and somone charged a large sum of money up in bogus charges, thankfully have gotten that taken care of and things in place to prevent it keeping fingers crossed hugs