Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bronx Zoo

On the one day that it did not rain this week my sister and I took my grand daughter to the Bronx Zoo. I have not been there since my son was little like this (over 15 yrs). There have been a lot of changes since then but all for the better. It is really a great place to spend the day. My little pumpkin was so excited to see the animals that she names from her books. It was so much fun to enjoy this with her. We stayed all day and while we walked back to the car she just passed out. The next day she could not stop talking about all the animals she saw. It was a good day!

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Lucy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.....I never know who visits till I get a comment. You have a really nice blog...I'm going to add you to my every growing list of blogs to read! Great zoo're granddaughter is adorable!