Monday, July 10, 2006

I think he took a wrong turn

Look what I found sitting on top of my roof today. Poor little guy must be lost since I do not live near any water and I believe that is where they normally hang out. He (or she) sure is beautiful. I hope he hooks up with the rest of the flock. I'd hate for anything to happen to it.


Kel said...

What a surprise that must have been. That is a lovely bird. Can you call animal control if he doesn't fly off? He maybe injuried. I hope that he finds his flock as well.

Jaye said...

Gorgeous! The name escapes me at the moment, but we have them around here as well, but we have many ponds and small lakes around. Very cool birds.

Kelly said...

I've seen him, I've seen him! We have a creek near by in Moonachie, and he/she either has family or comes by to soak the feet. How cool that you got a photo. I wouldn't worry, they do fly, and they do stay by themselves. You can blame Xanadu for him coming up by you.

Can you believe I found a wild turkey in my yard? No one believed me, till the local paper had a picture of it from someone a few blocks away.